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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Today In this Article I would like to inform you about a beautiful destination situated in heart of Himachal Pradesh which is also known as heaven of Himachal Pradesh. This place is none other than Prashar Lake which is situated in mandi district of Himachal Pradesh which is just 500 km from Delhi and a perfect location to visit for Delhiites Because Of its breathtaking views and landscapes, flowers and fauna, Huge Grasslands and many more. This place is easy to access by Mutiple transportation from Delhi like Tempo Traveler on Rent in Delhi, Taxi on Rent in Delhi and Also by your Own Transport

9 Unique Experiences to Know Why PRASHAR Is Called Heaven of Himachal Pradesh

1. World famous PRASHAR Lake

2. Saint PRASHAR rishi temple


4. Maa MASHODRI Temple

5. Charming Lakes of PRASHAR

6. Star gazing

7. Milk products

8. One of the highest motorable roads in Himachal Pradesh

9. Wildlife in Prashar

1. World Famous Prashar Lake

PRASHAR is well known for its beautiful and magical lake (PRASHAR Lake) this place is like magic because this is the only lake in India which have its own island which revolves around the lake magically. Yes, you are Hearing right an island with size of more than 5000 square feet in size revolves around the lake. This island is worshiped by saints of the temple since 13th century; hence it is a Holi place for all the Himachal local people and touching of the water is prohibited by the Temple committee, the best view of this lake is in mid-year July August and after December till January end when it is full of snow here. It Is also Believed That this lake Was Made by Bheem Who Is one of the Pandava Travelling with KAMRUNAG to Heaven, When Reached This place KAMRUNAG loved the place and decided to live here forever after which Bheem (strongest of the PANDAVA) Rammed his elbow on the plane area and created a huge whole in the land and this whole became PRASHAR Lake and KAMRUNAG settles in this lake forever.


Saint PRASHAR rishi is from maharishi family and author of many ancient Indian books. He is well known for the author of first purana which is known as Vishnu purana Before written by his son Vyas in its present form. He Was The grandson of Maharishi Vashisht. It is believed that maharishi Prashar Meditated for years beside the lake due to which the place was named after his name and a 3 story PAGODA like temple was made in 13th century. Very attractive and pleasing wood carving designs are made in the wall of the pagoda. WARNING: Drinking Alcohol near The Temple Area Which Is Surrounded by the fencing is strictly prohibited in his area.


One of the most famous mountain ranges of Himalayas DHAULADHAR is a wide range of mountains starting from Shivalik, Kangra, Dharamshala till Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. Fascinating View of DHAULADHAR Range from Entire PRASHAR Make This Place Even More Charming. Snow is visible on top of the range throughout the year. To visit such and more places like this you can travel by tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi and taxi on rent in Delhi with doorstep pickup by keep on travel.


This temple in PRASHAR is dedicated to the wife of Saint PRASHAR Rishi Ji. A beautiful and breathtaking view of the trek and the place is very much attractive this temple is about 2km from PRASHAR Lake and take 1 hour to reach there from the PRASHAR rishi temple. On some specific days pooja is done in this temple and kheer is distributed to the devotees as a prasad. Near this temple there is a small Pond and a very big ground which look like camping ground.


This place is surrounded by many small and big lakes of PRASHAR. Starting from SUKASAR lake which is a second largest lake in this area. it was believed that saint PRASHAR rishi ji first came at this place and started meditating, for some reasons he has to change the place and shifted to PRASHAR Lake. Very much closer to this lake there is registered government camping ground which is known as PRASHAR campsite and is the only government approved camping ground in Prashar. After this there is another lake which is man-made and used for cattle bath and other local purpose. Fourth and the second last maa MASHODRI temple lake which is the highest lake in this area. The biggest and the deepest lake whose depth was never measured in the history is PRASHAR Lake this is a world-famous lake and surrounded by bigger piece of land which is a very big ground sometimes used by local people to play cricket and also celebrate festivals.


For the people who love to look at the sky and observe the stars at night this place is just for you. Because of its height which is more than 9700 feet from the sea level multiple galaxies are visible from naked eyes in night.


This place has very low population and CATTLE is the only family business for local people as the place is full of vegetation and plants cattle have high quality food to graze hence, they produce best quality milk and also the best quality milk products are made by local people, honey is also very famous in this area because of its high potency. If you ever visit this place don’t forget to buy your favorite milk product in this area though it's not easy but you will definitely find it.


Some regions in Prashar are above 10000 feet from sea level, the road to PRASHAR is very dangerous and have lot of blind curves and the road is very much difficult to drive as it is one of the most dangerous and highest motorable roads in Himachal Pradesh due to which very less travelers come to this place. The most difficult roads start from BAGGI village till you reach the PRASHAR rishi temple. If you are driving your own vehicle, please be very careful and drive slow and safely because the road is very narrow and the curves are blind curves most of the time. There are lot of highest motorable roads in India which are easy to travel with keep on travel as they provide high quality transportation facilities like TEMPO TRAVELLER ON RENT, TAXI ON RENT, BUS ON RENT, kindly contact for more travel options.


Snow leopard is one of the most dangerous species found in this region the local people are very scared of this animal as lot of attacks were reported by the local people of PRASHAR, lot of people carries shotgun most of the time for their security. Black and brown both kind of bears are commonly seen by tourists and local people of this area so be aware and always travel with one or more local people or guide for security purpose. One of the biggest and largest bird vultures is very common and easy to watch in the sky and the land, whenever you raise your eyes in sky you will definitely find one or more vultures flying and searching for food most of the time. World famous Himalayan bird the most beautiful creature of Himalayas very rare but available to see in this region of Himachal Pradesh known as MONAL this colorful bird is very beautiful if you see this bird, you can't take your eyes off to this bird.

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