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DELHI To SPITI And Kaza Valley By 12 Seater Maharaja Tempo Traveler On Rent.

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

kaza spiti by tempo traveller on rent in Delhi

If you're planning a trip from Delhi to Spiti Valley and Kaza Valley, renting a 12-seater Maharaja Tempo Traveler is a great option for group travel. With ample space, comfort, and features, the Maharaja Tempo Traveler is an ideal choice for a memorable journey.

Here is a complete guide for a 5-night 6-day trip to Spiti and Kaza Valley in a Maharaja Tempo Traveler:

Day 1: Delhi to Shimla The journey begins from Delhi, and the first destination is Shimla, the queen of hills. It is approximately 350 km from Delhi, and it takes around 8-9 hours to reach Shimla in a Tempo Traveler. You can enjoy the scenic beauty on the way and take halts for refreshments and meals.

Day 2: Shimla to Sarahan On day 2, you will head towards Sarahan, which is around 160 km from Shimla. The journey will take around 6-7 hours. Sarahan is known for its beautiful Bhimakali Temple, and you can explore the town in the evening.

Day 3: Sarahan to Sangla On day 3, you will travel from Sarahan to Sangla, which is approximately 95 km and takes around 3-4 hours. Sangla is a beautiful valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the Baspa river flowing through it.

Day 4: Sangla to Kaza On day 4, you will travel from Sangla to Kaza, which is approximately 200 km and takes around 8-9 hours. Kaza is the headquarters of Spiti Valley and is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and the Spiti river.

Day 5: Kaza to Ki Monastery, Kibber, and Langza On day 5, you can explore the nearby places such as Ki Monastery, Kibber village, and Langza village. Ki Monastery is a beautiful monastery situated at an altitude of 4,166 meters. Kibber village is the highest motorable village in the world, and Langza is famous for its Buddha statue and fossils.

Day 6: Kaza to Chandratal and back to Manali On day 6, you will travel to Chandratal, which is approximately 100 km from Kaza and takes around 4-5 hours. Chandratal is a beautiful lake situated at an altitude of 4,300 meters. After spending some time at Chandratal, you will travel back to Manali, which is approximately 120 km from Chandratal and takes around 6-7 hours.

Features of Maharaja Tempo Traveler: The Maharaja Tempo Traveler is equipped with several features to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some of the features:

  1. Seating Capacity: The 12-seater Tempo Traveler on rent has comfortable pushback seats with ample legroom and headroom.

  2. Air Conditioning: The Maharaja Tempo Traveler on rent is equipped with powerful air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the journey.

  3. Music System: The Tempo Traveler on rent is equipped with a high-quality music system with speakers, so you can enjoy your favorite songs on the go.

  4. First Aid Kit: The Tempo Traveler is equipped with a first aid kit to handle any medical emergencies during the journey.

  5. Ample Luggage Space: The Tempo Traveler has ample luggage space to accommodate all your luggage comfortably.

  6. Experienced Driver: The Tempo Traveler comes with an experienced driver who is well-versed with the routes and can handle the vehicle with ease.

tempo traveller on rent in Delhi

The trip from Delhi to Spiti and Kaza Valley in a Maharaja Tempo Traveler is a memorable experience.

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